lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

The Big Reunion: April 2013!!!

To mark the 20th anniversary of The Play "Beautiful Thing" Play, Attitude magazine have reunited the original cast of the movie: Scott Neal (Ste), Tameka Empson (Leah) and Glen Berry (Jamie) with the screenwriter Jonathan Harvey, already on the newsstands, Ipad, and Iphone App.

The photo-shoot was in Holborn studios, friday 8th March 2013, the day Glen Berry returned to public life, and we got the making off!.The photo-shoot and interviews in ATTITUDE magazine!!!
Scott Neal and Tameka Empson ie making off
Scott Neal, Tameka Empson and Glen Berry

Jamie Gangel and Ste Pearce together again

Amazing news for all of us!

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